Paradis Models is focused on managing and maintaining a hand on approach to developing and guiding our models through the Fashion and Entertainment industries. We look for models whom we believe have the potential for a successful long term career and fit the Paradis Standard. Paradis set itself apart in the industry by remaining a Management, finding world-class models, and ensuring we never become an agency that views and works their models and talent as a number for profits. 

Paradis will always maintain a small board, to ensure we are able to strategically plan each models career path; without developing a one plan fit all mentality. Our relaxed, rejuvenated, free-flowing, stress-free family-oriented mentality allows us to develop world-class professional models that make every production a Paradise. We, The Paradis Team will not resort to selling out our models to substandard jobs for short term monetary gain. We are more than an agency: Paradis is a family of Managers and Models, focused on developing sustainable careers with unparalleled support every step of the way. 

MISSION STATEMENT: Making every production Paradise with one World-Class Model at a time!