Paradis main office is based in New York City, USA. As a Management our mission is to provide a world-class working environment of excellence for the models, actors, talents, companies, and the individuals we work with. Paradis's mission is to be attentive, proactive, and simplify the process - allowing us to brand everyone of our represented clients.

Over the last few years, Paradis has built relationships with domestic and international photographers, casting directors, producers, advertising and production agencies, fashion houses, luxury lifestyle brands, plus domestic and international agents alike. These relationships have allowed us to confirm numerous magazines, brand representation, marketing placements, and video content for our Clients, leading to domestic and international contracts with reputable companies.

As a Management, Paradis is focused and experienced in fashion, lifestyle, jewelry, beauty, entertainment-based marketing, advertising campaigns, e-commerce, showrooms, endorsements, movies, and t.v series deals/opportunities. The vision is to ensure our clients are marketed and branded to become powerhouses within the Modeling and/or Entertainment industries. 

The Paradis promise is to make every production Paradise with one World-Class Client at a time!